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  • 01.08.23 - EB Development Championships entry forms have been sent out to all Hampshire clubs

  • 01.05.23 - All England Boxing National Championship dates have been sent out to all Hampshire clubs 

  • 23.04.23 - Following the Hampshire & IoW ABA AGM Meeting Robinson has been appointed Divisional Secretary 

  • 10.01.23 - The Hampshire & IoW ABA are sadden to hear of the passing of Ted Harris, - more details to follow soon

  • 07.05.22 - 

  • Lesley Ball, During the show today we made a presentation to Lesley Ball that included flowers and jewelry, Lesley has been an official for over 40 years and has traveled the length and breath of the country and traveled internationally representing both the Hampshire & IOW ABA and Southern Counties. Lesley was the first female in the country to become an official and she is Southern Counties most senior female official and has been a regular ring side for decades. Lesley has decided to step down now as an official and she is already sorely missed but will always be welcome at any show should she want to come along and watch and catch up with old friends. Lesley was quite emotional today and she received a very warm send off from everyone in attendance – thank you Lesley for everything you have done for the thousands of boxers, mums and dads and officials you have influenced and helped over many years in the sport 😊

  • 24.03.22 - The Hampshire & IOW ABA Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 12th June 2022 starting at 12.00pm - this will take place via zoom and the invite and link will be sent out closer to the date so please watch this space as all clubs registered to the Hampshire & IOW ABA are invited 

  • 27.07.21 - England Boxing have released the latest version of the rule book, click here

  • 26.07.21 - National Championships,  Schoolboy and Girl entry forms now available for download from the forms and links page 

  • 14.07.21 - The minutes from the Hampshire & IOW AGM are now available for download from the Forms & Links page 

  • 09.07.21 - Ken Charman has updated the show info page with all club shows currently booked in Hampshire, click here to be directed to this page 

  • 30.05.21 - The Hampshire & IOW executive agree to withdrawal annual affiliation fee's and club show permits for Hampshire clubs for the 2021/22 season. Appointments secretary Dave Tew and Regional & Divisional coach Stuart O'Connor have stepped down from their respective positions within Hampshire so we now have 2 positions to fill at the Hampshire & IOW ABA AGM which takes place on Thursday 17th June - if you or you know anyone that would be interested in either of these positions please contact Peter Vince or Aaron Pritchard to discus these positions in more detail 

  • 02.05.21 - All Hampshire clubs that wish to book clubs shows from June 21st 2021 are invited to attend a competition Secretaries meeting via ZOOM starting 8:30pm on Thursday 27th May, all clubs in attendance will get first choice at available dates for the forthcoming season, keep checking your emails for your club invitation to join this meeting  

  • 28.04.21 - New National Championships 2021 dates for all age groups can now be confirmed by England Boxing, subject to Covid-19 restrictions continuing to be eased as planned. The England Boxing National Amateur, Youth, Junior and Schools Championships were postponed in the early part of this year amid rising Coronavirus infection levels. However, with those levels having decreased considerably following the latest lockdown and vaccine roll-out, boxers have returned to clubs and some contact boxing is now permitted (limited sparring for under-18s, limited pad work for adults). The next logical step is the eventual restarting of competitions, with the aim that the postponed events will now be completed later this year, providing the UK government’s current roadmap out of the pandemic does not change. The National Championships schedule that follows has been put together following extensive consultation with England Boxing’s regional representatives and a selection of coaches and officials, as well as lengthy discussions between the England Boxing’s Championship sub-committee and board. Full National Championships 2021 schedule England Boxing National Schools Championships 2021 (semi-finals and finals) – Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September. England Boxing National Youth Championships and Youth Development Championships 2021 (quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals) – Friday 15th October, Saturday 16th October and Sunday 17th October. England Boxing National Junior Championships and Junior Development Championships 2021 (semi-finals and finals) – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November. England Boxing National Amateur Championships 2021 (pre quarter-finals) – Saturday 27th November or Sunday 28th November, TBC. England Boxing National Amateur Championships and Senior Development Championships 2021 (quarter-finals and semi-finals) – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December. England Boxing National Amateur Championships and Senior Development Championships 2021 (finals days) – Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December. ‘Hope is to end the year on a high’ “We’re delighted to be able to rearrange each of the National Championships, which will hopefully end the year on a high after a difficult previous 18 months or so,” said Competitions and Events Manager Lynsey Lockey. “After the frustrating and lack of activity we have all had to deal with, to be talking about dates for competitions to be up and running again is really exciting – and I’m sure there will be some fantastic boxing, providing the government give us the green light for everything to go ahead. “Because we are having to squeeze what would normally be held over the course of the best part of a year into just four months – so that boxers, rightly, have the necessary time to prepare correctly after the enforced, extended break from competition – we have had to make sacrifices in certain circumstances in order to be able to make it happen. “Due to time scales, we have merged the Development competitions with their respective National Championships (Senior, Youth and Junior) and regrettably will not be able to host the England Boxing Women’s Winter Box Cup this year. “But in an exceptional year because of Covid-19,  this was the most viable solution in the time slot available to get all five National Championships in and give everyone at all levels the chance to box for a national title. We have done everything we can to get competitions on again and feel it is better to have some of what is possible in a ‘normal’ year, rather than nothing at all. “We wish everyone the best of luck in their training for competitions and, Coronavirus-permitting, look forward to seeing lots of familiar boxers and coaches back where they belong – in the ring competing – come the autumn.” Click here to see Championships draw 2021. Venues and more info to follow Further information on these National Championships, including venues, will be released in due course. In the event that lockdown restrictions are re-introduced by the UK government, then England Boxing will review and amend the schedule accordingly. The intention is to return the traditional schedule in 2022, meaning that all age groups will see two National Championships in the same season 2021-22 season.

  • 13.04.21 - We now have 4 Safeguarding courses in Hampshire available for booking via the England Boxing website 

  • 21.02.21 - Safeguarding Awareness documentation sent to all clubs across Southern Counties, available for download, click here 

  • 30.11.20 - Tiers and phased comeback to boxing (Proposed) - click here

  • 28.10.20 - Further funding opportunities for all clubs members of the Hampshire & IOW ABA, click here 

  • 11.10.20 - Following a recent Southern Counties executive meeting the finance committee proposed that the £25 club fee to Southern Counties should be withdrawn for the 2020/21 season and that the £5 per member fee doesn’t have to be paid until we are instructed by England Boxing that competitive boxing will resume this season. Both proposals were unanimously agreed by the executive​

It was also agreed that for the clubs that have already started making payments into Southern Counties there would be 3 possible options :


  • Request a full refund – i.e. club affiliation fee of £25 and £5 per member they have already paid for

  • NOTE, DISE boxers are not in included in any of these options as the college is stipulating that the boxers are registered on the Vault and to Southern Counties and to have a full medical

  • Request to have the £5 per member paid back at the end of the season if boxing does not commence during the 2020/21 season – the club affiliation fee will still be refunded

  • Request that any £5 per member payments already paid can carry this over to the new 2021/22 season - the club affiliation fee will still be refunded

Clubs that have already submitted payments will have to contact Southern Counties Treasurer Maria Pritchard at and instruct which option above you wish to choose and to provide a bank account number and sort code for a refund to be made.

***IMPORTANT*** I would like to remind all clubs that all boxers and coaches (that are active in your gyms) HAVE to be registered on the vault for insurance purposes, despite not having to make payments into SC as explained above its an absolute must anyone in your gyms must be registered on the vault, if anyone is unsure please do not hesitate to contact me

  • 12.08.20 - Face to Face meeting possible in November ? latest correspondence from EB suggests if Covid numbers continue to fall we could see face to face courses start again in November​

  • 06.08.20 - Further funding opportunities now available - click here  

  • 01.08.20 - Following Andy Young stepping down the new club support officer for Southern Counties is Tracy Davies from Moulescombe ABC, if any clubs have any issues and would like some support or advice do not hesitate to contact Tracy with immediate effect

  • 30.07.20 - It was agreed at tonight Hampshire & IOW Executive meeting that there would not be a AGM to complete the 2019/20 season due to the ongoing restrictions including social distancing. Our next executive meeting will be 8th October 2020 

  • 20.07.20 - Hampshire Clubs - our next Hampshire & IOW ABA executive meeting will take place on Thursday 30th July, if you have anything you would like to be brought up and discussed please inform Peter Vince or Aaron Pritchard before 30th so it can be added to the agenda 

  • 12.06.20 - The next Hampshire & IOW ABA Executive meeting will take place on Thursday 30th July, if you have any issues that you would like discussed at this meeting please forward them on to either Peter Vince or Aaron Pritchard prior to the 30th, thank you 

  • 26.05.20 - England Boxing, Southern Counties and the Hampshire & IOW ABA has been saddened to learn of the passing of long-serving and highly-respected Hampshire and Isle of Wight ABA official Dennis Galloway. - It has received the following tribute that has been kindly put together by Lou Stamp and his wife, Pat. Dennis, known as Denny, he was born in 1931 and spent his early childhood in the Shetland Islands near his father’s Navy Base. Although there was no boxing gym as such, when he was about eight years old, a Navy PTI got a few of the local boys together and set up a little boxing circuit with some old tires and a kit bag, then taught them boxing basics and later some light sparring when he felt they were ready.

       Denny loved the fitness and friendships that developed and he was devastated when his dad was posted to Portsmouth towards            the end of the war, at the age of about 14.

       Within a few months, however, he had joined the local Kingston Boys Club and was delighted to find they had a boxing section.              Denny began boxing competitively in 1946, and although the boxing club kept changing premises due to war damage, he stuck             with it and boxed first as a schoolboy, junior, and then senior, contesting 100-plus bouts.

       By 1953, Denny had met and married Pat, and, in 1956, they were allocated a council house in Leigh Park, meaning boxing took a           back seat whilst they set up home.

       A carpenter by trade, Denny joined a local self-build group, and when another member of the group who was the local school                 headmaster heard about his boxing, he asked if he’d be interested in helping out at the school and teach some unruly boys some           boxing discipline.

       The rest was history as, between them and a few volunteers, they set up Leigh Park Amateur Boxing Club.

       The club went on to produce many champions, with the most famous being Chris Bessey, who after joining the army became a               five-ti   me ABA champion.

       His Brother Billy was also an ABA heavyweight champion and who is now head coach of this fine club, while Tony Oakey became a         former ABA and world professional light-heavy weight champion.

       Denny went on to become a judge and referee firstly in Hampshire, then in the newly-formed Southern Counties ABA. Over the             years, he reached England Major Panel status and also served on the executive committee of both associations.

       He sadly broke his back in a car accident in 1976, and although he was told he’d be lucky to walk again, three years later he was               back doing what he did best, refereeing.

       By 1985, he was struggling with his back injury but still worked within the associations. He then became the county registrar for a             number of years, and a regular timekeeper.

       He was made a life Vice-President in 2006, and, although battling cancer for many years, he maintained his links with boxing as               long as he could.

       Denny finally lost his battle with cancer on 11th May 2020 at the age of 89. He is survived by his wife  Patricia, having devoted his             life to amateur boxing, and will be sadly missed by anyone who was lucky enough to know him.

       Dennis Galloway’s funeral will be held at 12pm on Tuesday 2nd June at Portchester Crematorium.

       There must be no flowers whatsoever at Denny’s funeral (his wishes), with just one floral tribute from Pat.

       However, donations will be more than welcome to Cancer Research and can be sent to Burrel’s Funeral directors at Waterlooville.

       Sadly due to the current Coronavirus, the full quota of mourners in the crematorium chapel has already been allocated, but if                   anyone wishes to pay their respects they can do so outside the chapel by following social distancing guidelines.

  • 25.05.20 - Dennis Galloway funeral UPDATE courtesy of Lou ( Stamp ) - there must be NO flowers whatsoever at Denny's funeral (  Denny's wishes ) there will be just one floral tribute from Pat. However, Pat tells me that donations will be more than welcome to Cancer Research and can be sent to Burrels Funeral directors at Waterlooville, Sadly due to the current crisis she has the full quota of mourners in the crematorium chapel, but if anyone wishes to pay their respects  they can, but must maintain social distance guidance outside the chapel.  Denny's funeral is at 12pm on Tuesday 2nd of June at Portchester Crem. E.B. have asked me for a brief history of Denny's Career and I'm sorting something out with Pat's help. 

  • 19.05.20 - It is with great regret that we advise that Dennis Galloway passed away yesterday after many years of battling poor       health. Dennis was a long term member of Leigh Park ABC, a Major Panel Referee, and a Life-Vice President of  Hampshire & Isle of Wight ABA. Some of our more mature Members speak highly of Dennis as a boxer.  R.I.P. Dennis.

  • 15.05.20 - The latest update regarding a phased return to boxing can be found by clicking here Please ensure you follow the guidelines as laid out in the attached document 

  • 13.05.20 - We have another section on the Hampshire website for " Blogging " simply click on the Blogging and log into the site and start posting your live blogs, the site is very interactive and open to anyone to comment, ask questions and generally interact with each other, see you there :)

  • 10.05.20 -  A few weeks ago, Jon Lambert, a long standing member off Cooper's Boys ABC was laid low with the corona virus. Jon was taken into hospital and put into an induced coma. Danny & Ruth Cooper have been raising money for Jon's family, and if you wish to donate please contact Danny or Ruth.  Jon is now out of hospital and recuperating at home. We all wish him well.

  • 09.05.20 - The Hampshire website now has another page :) " Memory Lane " this page will will be populated over the coming weeks with photos from Hampshire's past so if you have any pictures you'd like to see on the website please send them to Colin Hooker who will be populating this page :)

  • 4.05.20 Yesterday, Don Robertson, late of Southampton ABC was laid to rest.  Don was a prolific boxer in his younger days, and in later years became a very entertaining Master of Ceremonies. R.I.P. Don.

  • 16.02.20 - Entry forms for the National Amateur Championships available now for download from the forms page

  • 13.02.20 - The Youth Championships are being streamed live and the links to each day and ring can be found by clicking here 

  • 03.02.20 - Latest version of Junior Championship entry form released, veriosn 3.0 superseeds version 2.0, click here to be directed to download page

  • 20.01.20 - Don't forget you can book your venues for Dinner Shows for the 2020/2021 season, if you need to book in advance get your dates in now 

  • 14.01.20 - England Boxing club matrix available for download here

  • 17.11.19 - Youth Championships, Official Weigh In Monday 20th January @ Golden Ring ABC, details sent out to clubs

  • 31.10.19 - We are running a grade C officials course at Turners BA, Barrosa Gym, Collingwood College, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 4AJ in November on the following dates, Saturday 9th 10am-1pm and Saturday 16th November 10am-12pm, the course costs £25pp - click here for the application form which includes all the inforamtion you require to attend, good luck 

  • 01.07.19 - New Recreational Boxer Medical form now released and available for download from the Forms and Links page 

  • 25.06.19 - For information relating to funding opportunities please click here or speak to Avoen Perryman CSO  

  • 25.06.19 - Ken Charman has very kindly updated the Website now with all club show dates for the 2019/20 season

  • 17.06.19 - Lesley Ball and Mick Budden are running a C grade officials course which will take place at Turner's Boxing Academy, Barossa Gym, Barossa Campus, Collingwood College, Mitcham Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 4AJ. The course will run over two days starting on Sunday 14th July 2019 10-00 to 15-00 and finishing on Sunday 21st July 2019 10-00 to 12-00, the cost of the course is £25.00pp. Click here to download your application form that includes all the information you need. Good luck !

  • 09.06.19 - Aldershot ABC are running a Child Protection AND First AID course on Saturday 20th July at Aldershot ABC, Tongham Road, ALDERSHOT, Hampshire, GU12 4AS Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm and 13:00 – 16:00, for more information please see details attached to email sent out on Friday 7th June

  • 08.06.19 - Our " Roll of Honour " page is now ready and up and running, if you have boxers in your gym that you would like added to this page please send a head and shoulder picture and a brief description of their achievements and they will be added to Roll of Honour page

  • 05.06.19 - Southern Counties Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday 7th July starting at 12:30pm at the K2 Centre Crawley, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley RH11 9BQ, all members of the Southern Counties ABA are welcome and encouraged to attend

  • 02.06.19 - England Boxing have now updated and produced an electronic Rule Book for 2019 which can be downloaded here

  • 01.06.19 - Welcome to the new 2019/20 season ! as of today you can register your clubs and boxers for the new season, same process as last season whereby you register on The Vault and then send your paperwork into Stuie Gill, I have put together a check list and Aide Memoir for your benefit which can be downloaded by clicking here 

  • 26.05.19 - England Boxing New season 2019/20 - important updates and information, click here    

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