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Club Funding

Funding opportunities - if you have any questions regarding possible funding opportunities you can post your questions here, there are links on the “ funding page “ of this site and Southern Counties CSO Avoen Perryman can help with your enquires....... 😁😁

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Aug 06, 2020

Further new funding opportunities now available for all clubs, for more details go to our " Funding " page


Jun 03, 2020

Thanks Avoen


Jun 03, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all coping okay with lockdown and that you and families are well.

I've spoken to almost every club in the South East since lockdown began to make sure that clubs who are eligible for various pots of funding - or need to cover essential overheads during this time - are able to access the money that they need to survive. Reassuringly, I am confident after speaking with you all that boxing in the Southern Counties is safe and secure for the future, and our clubs will be able to weather the storm of lockdown and reopen their doors in a strong position.

Having said that, we are not out of the woods just yet, and…

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